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COVID-19 has forced us to cancel our summer camp and CIT (Counselor in Training) program this summer.

The summer camp programs at Camp Woods are designed around the educational principles that Scouts Canada has developed over more than a century of tradition and passion for the outdoors. We encourage youth to learn through hands-on experience, challenging them to realize their full potential by participating in a range of fun, exciting and educational activities.

Located on the shores of Sylvan Lake, about 25 minutes west of Red Deer, Camp Woods is a popular kids camp destination for youth across Alberta. Regardless of whether you’re from big cities like Edmonton and Calgary, or smaller centres like Drumheller or Camrose, we welcome all children to discover their inner Scout (but you don’t have to be a Scout!).

Our proximity to a large body of water, along with 105 acres of semi-wilderness area, allows us to offer a broad range of activities that are sure to engage your kids’ senses. The main camp features a full array of facilities for eating, sleeping and other summer camp activities.

For more information about things like transportation, programs and packing lists, please review our Parents Guide.

Camp Woods

Download our Camp brochure to share info about our Summer Camp programs with other parents, grandparents and friends.

2020 summer camp brochure to be updated soon.

Camp Woods

Our parent’s guide includes information about transportation, programs and equipment, packing list, and information for campers.


Camp Woods

Helpful registration instructions for when you register for summer camps or Counselor in Training (CIT) online.


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Health & Safety

At Camp Woods summer camp, your camper’s safety and well being is our top priority. To ensure our campers are safe, healthy and happy, we provide:

Supervision & care from trained camp staff for all activities

Being a Scouts Canada property, we utilize Scouts Canada's requirements for setting our Youth Safety standards. Rest assured your camper will always be supervised by a member of camp staff at a ratio of one camp counselor to every five campers. At night, two counselors are designated to each bunkhouse. As per Scouts Canada's Bylaws, Policies & Procedures, Staff do not stay in the building with the youth, they are located in a tent just outside and are readily available for the campers.

In addition to training for the supervision of all our kids camp activities, our counselors are trained in what we call ‘camper care and wellness.’ This means they take special care to ensure campers are enjoying themselves.

Care with camper medication & allergies

Our nut-free kitchen is able to accommodate most special dietary needs, as outlined during registration. Camper medication is given only with written parental permission provided and confirmed during the registration process. During their stay, campers only receive over-the-counter medication with parental permission given via telephone. Please take care to highlight your child’s medical and dietary needs on our camper physical forms.

First Aid Care, medical attention & emergency procedures

All of our staff have a minimum of First Aid medical training. Our First Aid supplies are well-stocked and we have a rest area for campers who don’t feel well. Medical attention in Sylvan Lake is just a short drive away and we have access to 911. Prior to summer camp season, staff practice Camp Woods emergency procedures so we’re prepared to take care of campers in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For Parents
  • Woods is located along the south shore of Sylvan Lake. About 10 minutes west of the Town of Sylvan Lake, 2 hours south of Edmonton and 1.5 hours north of Calgary, AB.

    Camp Woods is currently operated by Scouts Canada. While the property the camp resides on was originally used by Scouts as early as in 1910. 1931 is when the property was being used as a Camp. In 1941, the property was willed to the Canadian General Council of the Boy Scouts Association by Colonel James Hossack Woods. Today, Scouts Canada is the country's leading youth organization. For more than 100 years, we have brought a world of adventure, outdoor experience and friendship to 17 million Canadian youth.

    Boys and girls, ages 8-10 are invited to summer camp.

    Camp Woods is an overnight camp that runs one week at a time; Monday through Friday. Cabins are arranged by age and gender. Your child will use their sleeping bag/pad inside a bunk house or in a tent.

    No, campers do not have to be registered Scouts to attend camp. The average week will have a mix of both Scouts and non-Scouts. The program follows many of the Canadian Path elements and merits/badges will be available for all campers to earn, but the focus will be on general camp life, activities, making friends, and having fun!

    No, Camp Woods has no religious affiliation.

    $499 for a week plus GST and a processing fee. Check the registration page.

    Summer Camp Cancellations received prior to May 1, 2020 are entitled to a refund of 75% of the camp fees. Written notice of the cancellation is required. Send an email to prairies@scouts.ca with the subject line Woods Summer Camp Cancellation. No refunds will be issued for non-medical cancellations after May 1, 2020.

    A full refund minus a $100 administrative fee will be granted for medical reasons only. Written notice of the cancellation as well as a Medical Certificate (doctors note) is required. Send email to prairies@scouts.ca with subject line Woods Summer Camp Cancellation.

    Refunds will not be issued in instances where the camper is removed from the camp program at the choice or request of the camper or campers parent(s)/guardian(s) or is dismissed from camp for infringement of camp guidelines or the camp code of conduct for behavior.

    Camp Woods reserves the right to cancel programs by May 31, 2020 due to insufficient registration, in which case a full refund will be issued.

    If this is your child's first time attending an overnight camp we would love for your to have a phone chat with our camp director at 403-887-5650. We can help you with any concerns you may have, find the program or session that best fits your child and explain any of our camp processes that help make for a positive and safe first time camp experience. Please reach out to our director to schedule a phone call.

    For the 2020 summer season, families of registered campers are responsible for their own transportation to and from Camp Woods.

    Drop-Off Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Monday Morning of Session

    Pick-Up Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Friday Afternoon of Session

    One of the unique things about Camp Woods is that our camp counselors do not sleep in the same accommodation as our campers. Your child will share accommodation with up to 5 other campers of similar gender and age. Your child's counselor will not be too far away sharing their own accommodation with fellow camp counselors. On the first night of camp our counselors will show their campers where their accommodation is located and explain to them that they can wake them at anytime through the night if they need anything. We follow this practice as established by the Scouts Canada Safe Scouting child and youth safety policies. Please visit our Safe Scouting web page for more information. http://www.scouts.ca/safety/

    Homesickness is a common occurrence at summer camp and we embrace it as a growth in development for campers. Our camp staff are trained to help campers through times of missing home and work through those emotional times. Our camp director may call home to inform a parent in the event of homesickness to help make the transition at camp as easy as possible for the camper.

    At camp we take medication and camper medical care as high priority. Please refer to our Health and Safety section and the Camper and Parent Guide for more detailed information.

    Ideally, we would like campers to stick to one backpack and a day bag if possible. Please take care in packing the items from the list that are mandatory. We find it best to help your camper lay out their own gear and pack it themselves, so they know where everything is and that they do have the items that have been packed. We have had times when a child has said they don’t have something only to have a parent tell them they had it the entire time the child was at camp.

    We encourage parents to leave all treats and snack foods at home. Camp provides healthy full course meals throughout the day and a snack in the evening taking special dietary needs into consideration.

    You may send along a small amount of cash for those who would like to purchase any of our camp badges or stickers. Each badge costs $5.00 and stickers cost $2.00 each. The camp is not responsible for any money that campers bring to camp.

    While Camp Woods does have cell phone coverage, cell phones are not permitted for campers so that they can have the best experience possible while at camp. Campers being able to get updates from family can trigger home sickness. It is better for the youth to not know what they might be “missing” at home so they are not distracted from the adventure they are on. If you do need to contact your child while they are at camp, you can contact the camp through the number included in the registration package. We encourage this to be limited to emergencies only.

    Other electronics like iPods, tablets or similar should also be left at home. Camp is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. If you want your child to be able to take home memories, disposable cameras or cheap digital cameras are best to be sent and do not have the ability to have games which could be a distraction from Camp as well.

    Contact us at 1-888-726-8876 or prairies@scouts.ca

  • For Campers
  • While you may think that the name of the camp is due to the property being covered in trees. This is not the case. The name ‘Woods’ comes from the person who owned the camp during the beginning of the property being used for Canadian Boy Scouts. In 1941, the property was willed to the Canadian General Council of the Boy Scouts Association by Colonel James Hossack Woods.

    We have a wide range of program activities for campers to choose from. Following the Canadian Path our campers decide what they want to do during a week at camp. See our Activities page for more information.

    Camp meals are an important part of daily life here at camp. Our onsite camp cook and kitchen staff provide home cooked meals with numerous healthy options. Campers sit together family style in Gilwell Hall.

    All of our camp staff are trained and certified to provide for all of our camper health needs while at camp. We have on site equipment and supply and access to medical care if needed.

    We have a central washhouse and we schedule shower times during the session for all campers. It is important in staying healthy at camp that campers have the opportunity to clean up and remember a swim in the lake is not a substitute for a nice hot shower.

    Our campers sleep in and around Gilwell Hall. We have bunkhouses and tents available.

    At camp we encourage campers to focus on the adventures of the day and hold onto all those memories of camp to share with family and friends when they return home. Camp staff are here to help at times when campers are missing loved ones at home.

    Yes! Parents can indicate if campers are coming with a sibling or friend and we will do our best to accommodate requests.

    Camp Forms

    Please complete all forms listed below where required. They are all easily fillable directly within each form (PDF). Forms must be received prior to your child coming to camp. Once complete, please email forms to our camp director at debbie.sahara@scouts.ca or by snail mail to the following address:

    Camp Woods
    2124 Township Rd 392
    Sylvan Lake, AB
    T4S 1X6