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Outdoor Adventure Skills

The Outdoor Adventure Skills program is your Scout's chance to continue testing themselves in the great outdoors. Camp Woods is the perfect backdrop for some of these fun and challenging themes.

Under the supervision of Scouters/Leaders, Beaver Scouts through Rover Scouts have the opportunity to pursue, achieve, and reflect on goals safely and within their capabilities. While Canadian Path badges are awarded at each stage, the goal of the Outdoor Adventure Skills program is to give Scouts the environment and tools to learn and grow.

Camp Woods offers the opportunity to be introduced to all the Outdoor Adventure Skills while allowing for the ability to achieve the top levels in some.

At Camp Woods, Scouts have the chance to work toward awards such as:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • North Star Award
  • Seeonee Award
  • Chief Scout Award
  • Queen Venturer Award

Scouts Canada - Canadian Path

Trail Skills

Trail Skills (PDF)

Vertical Skills

Vertical Skills (PDF)

Aquatic Skills

Aquatic Skills (PDF)

Paddling Skills

Paddling Skills (PDF)

Sailing Skills

Sailing Skills (PDF)

Camping Skills

Camping Skills (PDF)

Scoutcraft Skills

Scoutcraft Skills (PDF)

Emergency Aid Skills

Emergency Aid Skills

Winter Skills

Winter Skills (PDF)

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